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Free Energy

    Proof that Zero Point Energy exist!

Datum 2017-09-30

schijf = disc
weerstanden = resistors
energyonderbreker = energy interrupter
transformator = transformer

Proof that Nulpuntenergie = ZPE = Zero Point Energy Exist

You can build the construction yourself and observe that one of the disks moves without having to add electricity.

For creating the discs you need this computer program zip
This program is for use with OpenScad (freeware).
With OpenScad you can create a file that 3D Printers use to create this object.

When the object is made, in this case you will need two discs, than you can place bar magnets (25 mm x 4 mm) in the side of the disc. Place for this test one magnet with its north pole in the disc and the next one with the south pole in the disc etc.
Now you can start to wrap around the isolated winding wire (0.1 mm) as you can see on the photo. Wrap around until half the length of the bar magnet. Leave the end the 12.5 mm free. If you wrap around more then the wire and that part of the bar magnet will cause a negative force.

No photo found. Take care that all the rounds are in the same way wrapped around  /.\./.\

For this test it is necessary to place one disc on a table/box and the other one should hang exactly above the other.
Connect the wires of both discs with each other with winding wire and place resistors between those discs as you can see in the pictures. Use only one end of the winding wire and leave the other end as it is (stick it on the disc).
You can decide for yourself how many resistors you place. For this successful test there where used resistors of 1 M Ohm and the total amount of resistors was from 1 to 30 or so!
Make sure that the disc that hangs on a line / cable / fishing wire is connected in such a way with that winding wire that the disc can move around free.

schijf = disc
weerstanden = resistors
energyonderbreker = energy interrupter
transformator = transformer

If after a while the hanging disc hangs without moving then take a piece of winding wire and make a shortcut, from a to b, as you can see on the pictures.
If the distance between the discs is correct then the hanging disc starts to turn for a while.

If the hanging disc does move then the test was successful than you proved that Zero Point Energy does exist.

This system is to compare with a double star system. Therefore this system is nothing more than an artificial double star system of which energy can tap from.

You can use Safety Ground to use it for other tests.
For Eample:
Connect both discs or just one on safety ground.
Use resistors between each wire.